Ch.10-1 「これはサプライズなんだ。」


CHRISTOPHER ROBIN was going away.

Nobody knew why he was going;

nobody knew where he was going;

indeed, nobody even knew why he knew that Christopher Robin was going away.

But somehow or other everybody in the Forest felt that it was happening at last.

Even Smallest-of-all, a friend-and-relation of Rabbit's who thought he had once seen Christopher Robin's foot, but couldn't be quite sure because perhaps it was something else, even S. of A. told himself that Things were going to be Different;
一番小さなラビットの友達・親戚でさえ、彼らはかつてクリストファー・ロビンの足を見たことがあったけど、何か別のものかもしれないと確信が持てないでいましたが、そのS.of A.(一番小さな動物)でさえ、状況が変わりつつあると言っていました。

and Late and Early, two other friends-and-relations, said, “Well, Early?” and “Well, Late?” to each other in such a hopeless sort of way that it really didn't seem any good waiting for the answer.

One day when he felt that he couldn't wait any longer, Rabbit brained out a Notice,

and this is what it said:

“Notice a meeting of everybody will meet at the House at Pooh Corner to pass a Rissolution By Order Keep to the Left Signed Rabbit.”


He had to write this out two or three times before he could get the rissolution to look like what he thought it was going to when he began to spell it;

but, when at last it was finished, he took it round to everybody and read it out to them.

And they all said they would come.

注)he saw them all walking up to his house : 彼ら全員が彼の家のほうに来るのを見た

"Well," said Eeyore that afternoon, when he saw them all walking up to his house, "this is a surprise. Am I asked too?"

"Don't mind Eeyore," whispered Rabbit to Pooh. "I told him all about it this morning."

Everybody said “How-do-you-do” to Eeyore,

and Eeyore said that he didn't, not to notice,

and then they sat down; and as soon as they were all sitting down, Rabbit stood up again.

"We all know why we're here," he said, "but I have asked my friend Eeyore--"

"That's Me," said Eeyore. "Grand."

"I have asked him to Propose a Rissolution." And he sat down again. "Now then, Eeyore," he said.

注)he saw them all walking up to his house : 彼ら全員が彼の家のほうに来るのを見た

注)whisper :ささやく
注)propose a rissolution : 解決策を提案する(resolutionのこと)

"Don't Bustle me," said Eeyore, getting up slowly.

"Don't now-then me."

注)bustle : 急がせる
注)now-then :それでは次は~とせかす

He took a piece of paper from behind his ear, and unfolded it.

"Nobody knows anything about this," he went on.

"This is a Surprise." He coughed in an important way, and began again:

"What-not and Etcetera, before I begin, or perhaps I should say, before I end, I have a piece of Poetry to read to you. Hitherto--hitherto--a long word meaning--well, you'll see what it means directly--hitherto, as I was saying, all the Poetry in the Forest has been written by Pooh, a Bear with a Pleasing Manner but a Positively Startling Lack of Brain. The Poem which I am now about to read to you was written by Eeyore, or Myself, in a Quiet Moment. If somebody will take Roo's bull's-eye away from him, and wake up Owl, we shall all be able to enjoy it. I call it--POEM."

注)cough in an important way :もったいぶって咳をする
注)What-nots : 何やかや
注)Etceteras : その他もろもろ
注)a piece of Poetry :一編の詩
注)Hitherto : 今までのところ
注)directly :すぐに
注)Positively Startling Lack of Brain : 明らかに驚くほど脳がない
注)be about to read :まさに読もうとしている
注)bull's-eye : 的を射た言葉
注)I call it--POEM :これこそが「詩」だ