Ch.1-4 ここだけの話だけど、寒いんだよ


"But Eeyore, I didn't know. I always thought ー"

"I don't know how it is, Christofer Robin, but what with all this snow and one thing and another, not to mention icicles and such-like, it isn't so Hot in my field about three o'clock in the morning as some people think it is.

注)what with ... and ... : ~やら~やら
注)not to mention : ~は言うまでもなく
注)icicles and such-like :つららとかそのようなもの

It isn't Close, if you know what I mean ー not so as to be uncomfortable. It isn't StuffyIn fact, Christofer Robin," he went on in a loud whisper, "quite-between-ourselves-and don't-tell-anybody, it's Cold."

注)close :密集している
注)not so as to be uncomfortable :居心地が悪いほどでもない
注)stuffy :息苦しい
注)in fact :実は
注)in a loud whisper :大きなささやき声で
注)between ourselves : ここだけの話

"Oh, Eeyore!"

"And I said to myself: The others will be sorry if I'm getting myself all cold.

They haven't got Brains, any of them, only grey fluff that's blown into their heads by mistake, and they don't Think, but if it goes on snowing for another six weeks or so, one of them will begin to say to himself:

注)grey fluff :灰色の綿
注)by mistake : 間違って

'Eeyore can't be so very much too Hot about three o'clock in the morning.' And then it will Get About. And they'll be Sorry."

"Oh, Eeyore!" said Christofer Robin, feeling very sorry already.

"I don't mean you, Christofer Robin. You're different. So what it all comes to is that I built myself a house down by my little wood."

注)get about :噂が広まる
注)what it all comes to is that ~ : つまりこういうことだ

"Did you really? How exciting!"

"The really exciting part," said Eeyore in his most melancholy voice, "is that when I left this morning it was there, and when I came back it wasn't. Not at all, very natural, and it was only Eeyore's house. But still I just wondered."

注)melancholy :憂うつそうに
注)not at all :何ひとつ