Ch.3-4 とにかく、もうお昼の時間だね


"It's Christofer Robin," he said.

"Ah, then you'll be all right," said Piglet. "You'll be quite safe with him. Good-bye," and he trotted off home as quickly as he could, very glad to be Out of All Danger again.
「それじゃあ、君はもう大丈夫だね。」と、ピグレットは言いました。 「彼と一緒だったら安全だもの。さよなら。」ピグレットは出来る限り急いで小走りで家に帰りました。危険から逃れられて''嬉しそうでした。

Christofer Robin came slowly down the tree.

"Silly old Bear," he said, "what were you doing? First you went round the spinney twice by yourself, and then Piglet ran after you and you went round again together, and then you were just going round a fourth time ー"

注)quite safe :すっかり安全な
注)trot off :小走りで去る
注)as quickly as he could :できる限りすばやく
注)Out of All Danger :あらゆる危険から逃れて
注)the spinney : 雑木林
注)by yourself : 一人で
注)run after :追いかける

"Wait a moment," said Winnie-the-Pooh, holding up his paw.

He sat down and thought, in the most thought way he could think.

Then he fitted his paw into one of the Tracks . . . and then he scratched his nose twice, and stood up.

"Yes," said Winnie-the Pooh. "I see now." said Winnie-the Pooh. "I have been Foolish and Deluded," said he, "and I am a Bear of No Brain at All."
「ああ、」とプーさんは言いました。 「分かった。」とプーさんは言いました。 「ボクはバカだからだまされたんだね。ほんとに頭の悪いクマだ。」と、彼は言いました。

注)Foolish and Deluded : 馬鹿だった、すっかりだまされた
注)No Brain at All : 全然頭脳がない (at all は no を強調している)

"You're the Best Bear in All the World," said Christofer Robin soothingly.

"Am I?" said Pooh hopefully. And then he brightened up suddenly.

"Anyhow," he said, "it is nearly Luncheon Time."

So he went home for it.

注)soothingly :なだめるように
注)anyhow :とにかく
注)Luncheon : 昼食 (= lunch )