Ch.1-6 「外も中も、君の家だよ。」


"Why, what's the matter, Pooh?" asked Christofer Robin.

"Well," said Pooh. . . . "The fact is," said Pooh. . . . "Well, the fact is," said Pooh. . . . "You see," said Pooh. . . . "It's like this," said Pooh, and something seemed to tell him that he wasn't explaining very well, and he nudged Piglet again.

注)what's the matter? :どうしたの?
注)The fact is :実は
注)explain :説明する
注)nudge : 肘でつつく

"It's like this," said Piglet quickly. . . . "Only warmer," he added after deep thought.

"What's warmer?"

"The other side of the wood, where Eeyore's house is."

"My house?" said Eeyore. "My house was here."

"No," said Piglet firmly. "The other side of the wood."

"Because of being warmer," said Pooh.

"But I ought to know ー"

"Come and look," said Piglet simply, and he led the way.

"There wouldn't be two houses," said Pooh. "Not so close together."

注)after deep thought :よく考えて
注)firmly :きっぱりと
注)led the way :道案内をする

They came round the corner, and there was Eeyore's house, looking as comfy as anything.

"There you are," said Piglet.

"Inside as well as outside," said Pooh proudly.

Eeyore went inside . . . and came out again.

"It's a remarkable thing," he said. "It is my house, and I built it where I said I did, so the wind must have blown it here. And the wind blew it right over the wood, and blew it down here, and here it is as good as ever. In fact, better in places."

"Much better," said Pooh and Piglet together.

"It just shows what can be done by taking a little trouble," said Eeyore. "Do you see, Pooh? Do you see, Piglet? Brains first and then Hard Work. Look at it!That's the way to build a house," said Eeyore proudly.

注)There you are :ほら、言った通りだ
注)Inside as well as outside :外側も内側も
注)remarkable :すごい
注)must have blown :(風が)吹いて運んだにちがいない
注)in fact :実際
注)by taking a little trouble : 少し手間をかけることによって
注)proudly :誇らしげに

So they left him in it;

and Christopher Robin went back to lunch with his friends Pooh and Piglet,

and on the way they told him of the Awful Mistake they had made.

And when he had finished laughing, they all sang the Outdoor Song for Snowy Weather the rest of the way home,

Piglet, who was still not quite sure of his voice, putting in the tiddely-poms again.

“And I know it seems easy,” said Piglet to himself, “but it isn't every one who could do it.”

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