Ch.7-5 ボクはルーじゃない、ピグレットだ

第7章 カンガとベイビー・ルーのお話(5)




And then at last Kanga did turn her head to look.

And the moment that her head was turned, Rabbit said in a loud voice “In you go, Roo!” and in jumped Piglet into Kanga's pocket, and off scampered Rabbit, with Roo in his paws, as fast as he could.

"Why, where's Rabbit?" said Kanga, turning round again. "Are you all right, Roo, dear?"

Piglet made a squeaky Poo-noise from the bottom of Kanga's pocket.

"Rabbit had to go away," said Pooh. "I think he thought of something he had to go and see about suddenly."

"And Piglet?"

"I think Piglet thought of something at the same time. Suddenly."

"Well, we must be getting home," said Kanga. "Good-bye, Pooh." And in three large jumps she was gone.

Pooh looked after her as she went.

"I wish I could jump like that," he thought. "Some can and some can't.That's how it is."


注)think of :思いつく
注)at the same time :同時に 注)I wish I could : ~できたらなあ
注)That's how it is : 物事はそういうものだ

But there were moments when Piglet wished that Kanga couldn't.

Often, when he had had a long walk home through the Forest, he had wished that he were a bird; but now he thought jerkily to himself at the bottom of Kanga's pocket,

  this                    take
"If    is       shall     really      to
      flying  I     never            it''."


注)take to : ~が好きになる、くせになる take to ~ には「~に連れて行く」という意味があるので、おそらく、take myself to ~ (~に自分自身の心を連れて行く)という発想でしょう。

And as he went up in the air he said, “Ooooooo!” and as he came down he said, “Ow!”

And he was saying, “Ooooooo-ow, ooooooo-ow, ooooooo-ow” all the way to Kanga's house.

Of course as soon as Kanga unbuttoned her pocket, she saw what had happened.

Just for a moment, she thought she was frightened, and then she knew she wasn't;

for she felt quite sure that Christopher Robin could never let any harm happen to Roo.

So she said to herself,

“If they are having a joke with me, I will have a joke with them.”

“Now then, Roo, dear,” she said, as she took Piglet out of her pocket. “Bed-time.”

“Aha!” said Piglet, as well as he could after his Terrifying Journey.

But it wasn't a very good “Aha!” and Kanga didn't seem to understand what it meant.


“Bath first,” said Kanga in a cheerful voice.

“Aha!” said Piglet again, looking round anxiously for the others.

But the others weren't there.

Rabbit was playing with Baby Roo in his own house,

and feeling more fond of him every minute,

and Pooh, who had decided to be a Kanga, was still at the sandy place on the top of the Forest, practising jumps.

“I am not at all sure,” said Kanga in a thoughtful voice, “that it wouldn't be a good idea to have a cold bath this evening. Would you like that, Roo, dear?”

Piglet, who had never been really fond of baths, shuddered a long indignant shudder, and said in as brave a voice as he could:

注)spleak painly : おそらく speak plainly(はっきりと言う)、 と言おうとしたのだと思います。ピグレットは気が動転していたのでしょう

"Kanga, I see the time has come to spleak painly."

"Funny little Roo," said Kanga, as she got the bath-water ready.

"I am not Roo," said Piglet loudly. "I am Piglet!"

"Yes, dear, yes," said Kanga soothingly. "And imitating Piglet's voice too! So clever of him," she went on, as she took a large bar of yellow soap out of the cupboard. "What will he be doing next?"

注)get the bath-water ready :風呂の水を準備する
注)loudly :大声で
注)soothingly : なだめるように
注)imitate :真似る
注)out of the cupboard :棚から

"Can't you see?" shouted Piglet. "Haven't you got eyes? Look at me!"

"I am looking, Roo, dear," said Kanga rather severely. "And you know what I told you yesterday about making faces. If you go on making faces like Piglet's, you will grow up to look like Piglet ー and then think how sorry you will be. Now then, into the bath, and don't let me have to speak to you about it again."

注)severely : 厳しく
注)making faces : 顔真似する
注)grow up to look like :大きくなって~のようになる