Ch.6-6 小さな湿ったぼろ布、それは割れた風船でした

第6章 イーヨーの誕生日にプレゼントを貰うお話(6)










Piglet lay there, wondering what had happened.

At first he thought that the whole world had blown up;

and then he thought that perhaps only the Forest part of it had;

and then he thought that perhaps only he had,

and he was now alone in the moon or somewhere, and would never see Christopher Robin or Pooh or Eeyore again.

And then he thought, "Well, even if I'm in the moon, I needn't be face downwards all the time," so he got cautiously up and looked about him.

注)even if : たとえ~だとしても
注)cautiously : 注意深く、用心して

He was still in the Forest!

"Well, that's funny," he thought. "I wonder what that bang was. I couldn't have made such a noise just falling down. And where's my balloon? And what's that small piece of damp rag doing?"

注)that's funny :おかしい
注)I wonder what that bang was :あのバンは何だったのだろう

It was the balloon!

"Oh, dear!" said Piglet. "Oh, dear, oh, dearie, dearie, dear! Well, it's too late now. I can't go back, and I haven't another balloon, and perhaps Eeyore doesn't like balloons so very much.

注)Oh, dear :あれ、まあ
注)it's too late : 遅すぎる、手遅れだ

So he trotted on, rather sadly now,

and down he came to the side of the stream where Eeyore was, and called out to him.

"Good morning, Eeyore," shouted Piglet.

"Good morning, Little Piglet," said Eeyore. "If it is a good morning," he said. "Which I doubt," said he. "Not that it matters," he said.

注)Which I doubt : それは(=いい朝かどうか)疑わしい

"Many happy returns of the day," said Piglet, having now got closer.

Eeyore stopped looking at himself in the stream, and turned to stare at Piglet.

"Just say that again," he said."

"Many hap ー"

"Wait a moment."

Balancing on three legs, he began to bring his fourth leg very cautiously up to his ear.

"I did this yesterday," he explained, as he fell down for the third time. "It's quite easy. It's so as I can hear better....There, that's done it! Now then, what were you saying?" He pushed his ear forward with his hoof.
「昨日はできたんだ。」彼は3度たおれて、説明した。「簡単さ。よく聞こえるように・・・ほら、できた! さあ何て言ったんだい?」彼はヒズメで耳を前に押した。

注)got closer :もっと近づいて
注)Wait a moment :ちょっと待って
注)explain : 説明する
注)so as I can hear better : もっとよく聞こえるように
注)hoof : ヒズメ