Ch.5-2 罠を仕掛けるんだ

第5章 ピグレットがヘファランプに遭遇するお話(2)









Pooh nodded his head several times as he said this, and waited for Piglet to say "How?" or "Pooh, you couldn't!" or something helpful of that sort, but Piglet said nothing. The fact was Piglet was wishing that he had thought about it first.

"I shall do it," said Pooh, after waiting a little longer, "by means of a trap. And it must be a Cunning Trap, so you will have to help me, Piglet."

"Pooh," said Piglet, feeling quite happy again now, "I will." And then he said, "How shall we do it?",

and Pooh said, "That's just it. How?" And then they sat down together to think it out.

Pooh's first idea was that they should dig a Very Deep Pit, and then the Heffalump would come along and fall into the Pit, and ー

"Why?" said Piglet.

"Why what?" said Pooh.

"Why would he fall in?"

注)shall : 必ずやる (強い決意)
注)by means of ~ : ~を使って、~を用いて
注)Cunning Trap : 巧妙な罠

must と have to ?
must は強制に近い直接的な指示で「~しなければならない」という意味です。

have to は「~すべきことを持っている」という外的な要因で必要に迫られているというニュアンスです。

注)That's just it :まさしくそれだ






Pooh rubbed his nose with his paw, and said that the Heffalump might be walking along, humming a little song, and looking up at the sky, wondering if it would rain, and so he wouldn't see the Very Deep Pit until he was half-way down, when it would be too late.

Piglet said that this was a very good Trap, but supposing it were raining already?

Pooh rubbed his nose again, and said that he hadn't thought of that.

And then he brightened up, and said that, if it were raining already, the Heffalump would be looking at the sky wondering if it would clear up,

and so he wouldn't see the Very Deep Pit until he was half-way down.... When it would be too late.







Piglet said that, now that this point had been explained, he thought it was a Cunning Trap.

Pooh was very proud when he heard this,

and he felt that the Heffalump was as good as caught already,

but there was just one other thing which had to be thought about, and it was this.

Where should they dig the Very Deep Pit?

Piglet said that the best place would be somewhere where a Heffalump was, just before he fell into it, only about a foot farther on.

"But then he would see us digging it," said Pooh.

"Not if he was looking at the sky."

"He would Suspect," said Pooh, "if he happened to look down."

注)see 目的~ing : ~が~しているのを見る

注)suspect : (きっとそうだと)疑う
注)happened to ~ : たまたま~する

He thought for a long time and then added sadly,

"It isn't as easy as I thought. I suppose that's why Heffalumps hardly ever get caught."

"That must be it," said Piglet.

注)not as ~ as ~ :~ほど~ない
注)suppose :思う
注)hardly ever : なかなか~しない
注)get caught :捕まる
注)must :~にちがいない