Ch.4-4 かっこいい「ベルひも」だろ?

第4章 イーヨーが尻尾を失くしてプーが見つけるお話(4)




"Didn't you see them? said Owl, a little surprised. "Come and look at them now."

So they went outside.

And Pooh looked at the knocker and the notice below it,

and he looked at the bell-rope and the notice below it,

and the more he looked at the bell-rope, the more he felt that he had seen something like it, somewhere else, sometime before.

"Handsome bell-rope, isn't it?" said Owl.

注)a little surprised :少し驚いて(分詞構文)

注)Handsome bell-rope, isn't it? :かっこいいベル紐だろ?(付加疑問文)

Pooh nodded.

"It reminds me of something," he said, "but I can't think what. Where did you get it?"

注)remind A of B : A に B のことを思い出させる

"I just came across it in the Forest. It was hanging over a bush, and I thought at first somebody lived there, so I rang it, and nothing happened, and then I rang it again very loudly, and it came off in my hand, and as nobody seemed to want it, I took it home, and ー"

注)come across : 偶然出くわす
注)hang : かける、つるす
注)come off : はずれる

"Owl," said Pooh solemnly, "you made a mistake. Somebody did want it."


"Eeyore. My dear friend Eeyore. He was ー he was fond of it."
「イーヨーさ。友達のイーヨー。彼は ー 彼はそれが気に入っていたんだ。」

"Fond of it?"

"Attached to it," said Winnie-the-Pooh sadly.

注)solemnly :おごそかに
注)make a mistake :過ちを犯す 注)be fond of ~ : ~がとても気に入っている (長い間親しみを感じている)
注)attach to ~ : ~にくっつく、~の一部である、~に愛着がある





So with these words he unhooked it, and carried it back to Eeyore; and when Christofer Robin had nailed it on in its right place again, Eeyore frisked about the forest, waving his tail so happily that Winnie-the-Pooh came over all funny, and had to hurry home for a little snack of something to sustain him. And, wiping his mouth half an hour afterwards, he sang to himself proudly:


Who found the tail?

"I," said Pooh,

"At a quarter to two
(Only it was quarter to eleven really),

I found the Tail!"

Only it was quarter to eleven really. とは?
プーがイーヨーの尻尾を見つけたのは、「実際は11時15分前だった」という意味。詩を作るとき「韻」がとても重要なので、「Pooh」と韻を踏ませるために、あえて「a quarter to two(2時15分前)」としたのです。