Ch.19-6 「アウルのために家を見つけたんだよ。」

第9章 イーヨーがアウルに家を見つけるお話(6)




"Yes," said Christopher Robin, smiling to himself.

"I have been told--the news has worked through to my corner of the Forest--the damp bit down on the right which nobody wants—that a certain Person is looking for a house. I have found one for him."

注)worked through : ゆっくりと進む
注)damp bit :湿った場所

"Ah, well done," said Rabbit kindly.


"We have been joined by something," he said in a loud whisper. "But no matter. We can leave it behind. If you will come with me, Christopher Robin, I will show you the house."

注)well done :よくやった
注)We have been joined by something : 何かが割り込んできた(イーヨーとクリストファー・ロビンだけで話しているときにラビットが話しかけたこと。)
注)no matter :問題ない


"Come on, Pooh," he said.

"Come on, Tigger!" cried Roo.

"Shall we go, Owl?" said Rabbit.

"Wait a moment," said Owl, picking up his notice-board, which had just come into sight again.


注)Shall we go? : = Let's go(さあ、行こう)
注)come into sight :見えてくる(今までイーヨーが座っていたので、板が見えていなかった)

"Christopher Robin and I are going for a Short Walk," he said, "not a Jostle. If he likes to bring Pooh and Piglet with him, I shall be glad of their company, but one must be able to Breathe."

注)not a Jostle :押しのけるようなことじゃない
注)of their company : プーとピグレットがついてくること

"That's all right," said Rabbit, rather glad to be left in charge of something.

"We'll go on getting the things out. Now then, Tigger, where's that rope? What's the matter, Owl?"

アウルは、彼の新しい住所が THE SMEAR(汚れ)に変わっていたのが分かって、イーヨーに厳しく咳をしたけど何も言いませんでした。

そして、イーヨーは彼のお尻の大部分が THE WOLERY になったまま、友達と一緒に去って行きました。

注)in charge of something :何かを任されて
注)what's the matter? :どうしたの?
注)イーヨーのお尻に THE WOLERY の文字が写っていました





"It is!" and "It can't be!" and "It's really!" to each other.

"There!" said Eeyore proudly, stopping them outside Piglet's house. "And the name on it, and everything!"

"Oh!" cried Christopher Robin, wondering whether to laugh or what. "Just the house for Owl. Don't you think so, little Piglet?"

注)There! :ほら!
注)wondering whether to laugh or what :笑うのか他に何かするのか考えて