Ch.12-6 「これがティガーが好きなものだよ。」

第2章 ティガーが森に来て朝食を食べるお話(6)




But the more Tigger put his nose into this and his paw into that, the more things he found which Tiggers didn't like.

And when he had found everything in the cupboard, and couldn't eat any of it, he said to Kanga,

“What happens now?” But Kanga and Christopher Robin and Piglet were all standing round Roo, watching him have his Extract of Malt.
「今度はどうしよう?」 しかし、カンガもクリストファー・ロビンもピグレットもルーの回りに立って、ルーがモルト・エキスを飲むのを見ていました。

And Roo was saying, “Must I?” and Kanga was saying “Now, Roo dear, you remember what you promised.”

"What is it?" whispered Tigger to Piglet.

"His Strengthening Medicine," said Piglet. "He hates it."

注)whisper :ささやく
注)Strengthen : チカラをつける
注)hate : 嫌い





So Tigger came closer, and he leant over the back of Roo's chair, and suddenly he put out his tongue, and took one large golollop, and, with a sudden jump of surprise,

Kanga said, “Oh!” and then clutched at the spoon again just as it was disappearing, and pulled it safely back out of Tigger's mouth.

But the Extract of Malt had gone.

"Tigger dear!" said Kanga.

"He's taken my medicine, he's taken my medicine, he's taken my medicine!" sang Roo happily, thinking it was a tremendous joke.

結局、ティガーの好物はルーが嫌いな「力の付く薬」でした。ルーが飲もうとしているその薬をティガーが取ったことをいっています。つまり、「薬を飲む」も「薬を取る」も take medicine だということです。






Then Tigger looked up at the ceiling, and closed his eyes, and his tongue went round and round his chops, in case he had left any outside,

and a peaceful smile came over his face as he said, “So that's what Tiggers like!”

Which explains why he always lived at Kanga's house afterwards, and had Extract of Malt for breakfast, dinner, and tea.

And sometimes, when Kanga thought he wanted strengthening, he had a spoonful or two of Roosbreakfast after meals as medicine.

"But I think," said Piglet to Pooh, "that he's been strengthened quite enough."

注)quite enough :もう十分に