Ch.9-4 「ここにいるよ。」しわがれた声がしました


In a little while he was back again.

"Pooh isn't there," he said.

"Not there?"

"Has been there. He's been sitting on a branch of his tree outside his house with nine pots of honey. But he isn't there now."

"Oh, Pooh!" cried Christofer Robin. "Where are you?"

"Here I am," said a growly voice behind him.

注)growly : しわ枯れた


They rushed into each other's arms.

"How did you get here, Pooh?" asked Christofer Robin, when he was ready totalk again.

注)be ready to : ~の準備ができる

"On my boat," said Pooh proudly. "I had a Very Important Missage sent me in a bottle, and owing to having got some water in my eyes, I couldn't read it, so I brought it to you. On my boat."

注)owing to : ~のおかげで

With these proud words he gave Christofer Robin the missage.

"But it's from Piglet!" cried Christofer Robin when he had read it.

"Isn't there anything about Pooh in it?" asked Bear, looking over his shoulder.

Christofer Robin read the message aloud.

"Oh, are those 'P's' Piglets? I thought they were Poohs."

"We must rescue him at once! I thought he was with you, Pooh. Owl, could you rescue him on your back?"

注)over his shoulder :肩越しに
注)rescue : 救う
注)at once : すぐに
注)on your back : 背中に乗せて

"I don't think so," said Owl, after grave thought. "It is doubtful if the necessary dorsal muscles ー"

"Then would you fly to him at once and say that Rescue is Coming? And Pooh and I will think of a Rescue and come as quick as ever we can. Oh, don't talk, Owl, go on quick!"

And, still thinking of something to say, Owl flew off.

"Now then, Pooh," said Christofer Robin, "Where's your boat?"

"I ought to say," explained Pooh as they walked down to the shore of the island, "that it isn't just an ordinary sort of boat. Sometimes it's a Boat, and sometimes it's more of an AccidentIt all depends."

注)after grave thought :よく考えて
注)the necessary dorsal muscles :必要な背中の筋肉(背中に乗せるのに)必要な背筋 アウルは相変わらず難しい言葉を使いたがります
注)as quick as ever we can :できるだけ早く
注)ought to : ~したほうがいい、~すべきだ
注)ordinary sort of : ''普通の(種類の)
注)more of an Accident : むしろ事故のほうが多い
注)It all depends : 場合による、一概に言えない

"Depends on what?"

"There!" said Pooh, pointing proudly to The Floating Bear.

注)proudly :自慢げに